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Pharmacy 2000!! Pharmacy services for the next millenium are available at Glenwood Clinic Pharmacy. Glenwood Drug Co., since 1932, is building on the traditional dispensing pharmacy functions by developing value-added services to complement these basic services. Our patient focused non-dispensing services are promoting a higher level of patient involvement by our advanced practice pharmacist. Our pharmacists have advanced practice credentials in compounding, disease state education and management, and drug therapy management and monitoring. The future of community pharmacy is in innovative patient care education and management of drug therapy which produce outcomes inhancing patient well-being and reducing healthcare costs.

Our pharmacist care services include

  • Diabetes Care Center
         Board Certified Pharmacist Educator
  • Anticoagulation Monitoring Service
         Certified Pharmacist Specialist
  • Hypertension Monitoring Service
  • Cholesterol Monitoring/Screening Service
  • CLIA Approved Pharmacy Lab Services
  • Drug Therapy Consultations
  • Asthma Care Center
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • Our expert staff is available to serve you,
    please call us today at 318-868-3651